7 years in Business– Specializing in the ‘Weird.’

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There is a statistic regarding small businesses that is downright scary if you are a small business owner: more than 80% of them will have failed within five years. Our fifth anniversary fell in the year 2020, a scary year for all business owners. Like any successful business, we learned how to adapt and continue to grow. The pandemic has changed how attorneys use our services. While our primary services remain court reporting, E-Discovery, and Trial Support, we are known for helping clients with a variety of unique requests, some of which are listed below:

  • Facilitating remote depositions where the witnesses are overseas and need interpreters.
  • Handling a last-minute request for a real-time deposition in person on a Sunday.
  • Serving subpoenas in rural Texas.
  • Live streaming an annual conference for participants to join remotely.
  • Enhancing the audio quality of a recording taken a few years ago.
  • Providing a consultant for a trial next week in NYC.
  • Scanning documents at 2400 DPI.
  • Providing a mobile notary to meet in the late evening.

When clients come to us with unique requests like those listed above, our answer is always, “Yes, we can!”

We have become the ultimate go-to company when our clients feel stuck, and we are there when they need us the most. You can say we specialize in the ‘weird’ – not a bad thing to be known for as we enter our seventh year in business!

By: Owner/Chief Executive Officer, Shaun Fitzpatrick

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