The American Bar Association published its first-ever ABA Impact Report. This details many of the concrete ways the ABA has assisted its members. By using the power of the law to strengthen the legal profession’s voice. For justice within the United States and across the world.

What is the American Bar Association?:

Specifically, the American Bar Association aims to safeguard civil rights and liberties. Extend access to justice for marginalized and disadvantaged groups. Promote diversity, inclusiveness, and equity in the legal field and justice system, and advocate for human rights defenders. Building legal systems across the world and supporting the rule of law worldwide.

Thus the four aims of the ABA are to serve its members, strengthen the legal profession, eradicate bias and increase diversity, and advance the rule of law. “However, objectives are useless without action, and action is pointless without effect,” stated ABA President Deborah Enix-Ross.

The report, produced by the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative and the Center for Public Interest Law, examines several of the ABA’s main accomplishments over the last year as well as the organization’s global effect.

The following programs are described in the ABA report:

• A key point of the ABA’s work for student debt relief. The Department of Education announced a temporary suspension of some restrictions of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program. Making more persons eligible for loan forgiveness, and the White House extended a moratorium on student loan repayments.

•Undeniably at the nexus of law and policy. The Criminal Justice Section of the American Bar Association and the Center for Human Rights Atrocity Crimes Initiative. Aim to better prevent genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity. Furthermore holding the offenders accountable. The Education Barriers Project of the ABA Center for Children and the Law. Works to ensure that children in foster care continue to attend their original school district. Even after relocating to a new home.

• The ABA Commission on Domestic & Sexual Abuse. Created the Basic Custody and Advanced Custody Litigation Institutes. To help civil attorneys comprehend, diagnose, and explain the complexities of domestic violence to the court, as well as offer victim-centered, trauma-informed representation.

•Since 1998, the ABA’s Death Penalty Representation Project will have assisted 400 inmates by 2022. Pro bono attorneys for the initiative saved more than 110 criminals from wrongful death, and hundreds of cases are still pending.

• Over 250,000 civil legal questions have been answered by ABA Free Legal Answers. The first and only online national pro bono legal help platform.

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