Fitzpatrick Holiday Card History

Holiday Card drawing of gingerbread house and candy canes

As you can see, this card is one of a kind! The card was designed by Lily & Evelyn Fitzpatrick. The origins of this card, date back to the ’80s, 1986 to be exact! Our CEO Shaun Fitzpatrick, his family, and their cards were featured in The Riverview Times on December 23rd, 1988. After 31 […]

NFL Pigskin Pick’em 2022

NFL Pigskin Pick'em 2022

ANNOUNCEMENT We at @fortzlegalsupport are proud to Kick-off our 4th annual ‘NFL Pigskin Pick’em!’ We hand-picked 18 weeks straight worth of absolutely incredible prizes, sure to make any player score big time The link to get involved is in our Link-tree. The deadline for the week’s giveaway is 12:00PM EST on 09/11/22. Enter every week […]

2022 Michigan Lawyers Weekly Reader Rankings

Michigan Lawyers Weekly Reader Rankings

Fortz Legal is featured by Michigan Lawyers Weekly in the 2022 Reader Ranking awards, and we are proud to continue climbing the ladder year after year! While you may notice some additional categories that we should be considered in, please take a few moments to vote for us in categories 17 and 36! CLICK HERE […]

7 years in Business– Specializing in the ‘Weird.’

Court and Legal Services

There is a statistic regarding small businesses that is downright scary if you are a small business owner: more than 80% of them will have failed within five years. Our fifth anniversary fell in the year 2020, a scary year for all business owners. Like any successful business, we learned how to adapt and continue […]

The Shrinking Reporter Pool for In-Person Depositions

Reporter pool for depositions

Many legal professionals may be surprised to hear there is a shortage of court reporters across the country and the demand is outpacing the supply. Prior to the pandemic, almost all depositions were in person. In contrast, during the pandemic almost all depositions were remote. Our industry had to adapt fast, shifting to provide remote […]

NFL Pigskin Pick’em – 2021

Pigskin pick prizes

We are back for our 3rd year in a row! Get your picks in for a chance to win weekly prizes. Don’t worry if you miss week 1 – you can join anytime! Stay tuned for weekly email announcements! Click below to join our Pool: CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR POOL Check our our weekly […]

August 2021: Forecast of Court Reporting Trends

Court reporting trends

While the court reporting industry started to settle into the world of remote depositions, the past three months has proven to be a snap back to reality with a drastic comeback of in-person depositions. Now, as the CDC has recently updated their recommendations regarding mask wearing, we attempt to predict what the coming months will […]

Security and Encryption for Your Remote Legal Proceeding


Throughout this past year at Fortz Legal, we have learned, adapted, and created a method for helping all of our clients conduct their remote legal proceedings with ease. Though none of us could have anticipated the hand we would be dealt going into 2020, we are feeling more confident than ever that we will continue […]

The Trial Bubble is About to Burst

Laptops and court documents

In late March of 2020, the litigation community, like many other businesses, came to a screeching halt. As a service provider for both trial support and court reporting services, we spent these first few months campaigning that remote depositions were a great option to counteract the restrictions of the pandemic. We embraced the inevitable change […]

Engaging an Exhibit Technician for Your Remote Legal Proceedings

Exhibit Technician

During remote proceedings, the exhibit display is entirely virtual. Make this process easier by working with a professional exhibit technician to assist with electronic evidence display during remote depositions, hearings, arbitrations, and trials! While our previous article talks about the general benefits of an exhibit technician for in-person legal proceedings, this article discusses the specific […]