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“Employee Turnover & Computer Forensic Best Practices”

Organizations historically have struggled with addressing terminated employees’ important evidence sources such as company-issued laptops, oftentimes materially affecting the organization’s ability to deal effectively with disputes that arise after an employee leaves the company. This class will provide students and their organizations with a documented, transparent, and repeatable process with actual tools to identify and correctly preserve key evidence. The class will then provide multiple real-life “war stories” of powerful and highly effective forensic analysis of terminated employees’ work computer and smartphone evidence that emphasize the need for upfront forensic preservation. The class will teach students how to leverage phone carrier cell tower records in criminal and civil disputes. Finally, the class will teach students how to leverage data requests to Social Media companies including highly useful class handout record request samples.

Audiences: Attorneys, Litigation Paralegals, I.T. Professionals, and Corporate Litigation Counsel Minutes / Timing
Course Objectives, applicable credit, sign-in, forms, and certificates5
SECTION I: Historical Challenges with Employee Turnover5
_ Common Employee Turnover Challenges 
SECTION II: Immediate Steps to Take When Key Employees Leave an Organization7
_ Employee Turnover Evidence Preservation 
_ Employee Turnover Evidence Tracking Tool 
SECTION III: Workstation Forensic Imaging7
_ Employee Turnover Manual 
_ C-Suite Employee Additional Considerations 
SECTION IV: Forensic Analysis Best Practices7
_ Establishing a Timeline of Events 
_ Best Practice #2 – Key Word Search Terms 
SECTION V: Evidence Recoverable From Computers and Smartphones7
_ Computers and Phones Work Live Digital Video Recorders 
_ Types of Evidence Recoverable Directly From Computers and Smartphones 
SECTION VI: War Stories15
_ WAR STORY#1 – Racist Facebook Wall Post 
_ WAR STORY #2 – MacBook Training and Snippets Databases 
_ WAR STORY #3 – Smartphone Data Recovered From Computers 
_ WAR STORY #4 – More Text Messages Recovered from Computers 
_ WAR STORY#5 – Recovery of QuickBooks Evidence SECTION VII: 3rd Party Subpoenas to Phone Carriers and Social Media Companies  12
_ Generic Record Request Description Sheet 
_ Best Practices for Addressing “Burner” Phones 
_ Records Request – Social Media Company 
_ Twitter War Story (Employee Turnover) 
SECTION VIII: Questions & Answers15

***End of Program***

Total Time Commitment: 80 minutes Total Time of Instruction: 60 minutes

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