Holiday Card drawing of gingerbread house and candy canes

Fortz Legal brings back Fitzpatrick Family Holiday Card tradition 32 years later!

As you can see, this card is one of a kind! The card was designed by Lily & Evelyn Fitzpatrick. The origins of this card date back to the ’80s, 1986 to be exact! Our CEO Shaun Fitzpatrick, his family, and their cards were featured in The Riverview Times on December 23rd, 1988.

After 32 years the Fortz Legal team decided to restart this holiday tradition. We at Fortz were tired of the standard cookie-cutter holiday cards and wanted to shake things up! Shaun’s mother reached out to him this year after going through family belongings. She proceeded to send Shaun a few of the holiday cards that he and his siblings created when they were younger. Shaun decided that his daughters were around the same age as him when he started designing the holiday cards. He thought what better time to rekindle this family tradition than the present?

Fitzpatrick Holiday Card

Featured above is Lily (age 9), Lily came in with her younger sister Evelyn (age 4) to our office and started creating the holiday card design. Over the last few weeks, the girls have been designing the ‘masterpiece’ you see before you.

Fitzpatrick Holiday Card

With some creative assistance from the Fortz Legal team and a little bit of photoshop, the card was produced. 

We made sure to create a memorable holiday card for years to come. Our CEO had this to say about his ongoing family tradition:

Back in 1986, my mom had a great idea to personalize her family holiday card by leaving the design to us, her three children.”

Fitzpatrick family holiday photo
                                                                           Listed from left to right: Kevin, Jennifer, and Shaun.


“From 1986 -1991, it became a Fitzpatrick family tradition to design our own holiday cards for our friends and family.  Now that I have my own kids, I want to bring back this unique tradition.” -Shaun Fitzpatrick  

                           1989                                                            1988                                                         1986                                                       1987


Holiday Message:

On behalf of the entire Fortz Legal team, we hope you all have a safe and enjoyable holiday this year.  We are grateful for your continued support with trusting Fortz Legal for your litigation support needs, and we look forward to assisting you for the years to come!

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