Foresics & E-Discovery

Utilizing the same forensic tools as the FBI, our experts find the “smoking gun” for clients by recovering deleted text messages, deleted pictures, GPS coordinates, and time stamps of specific web activity, and conducting expert analysis on key case issues.

Our Forensic and E-Discovery team assists clients with data collection and preservation for their cases.  We run a conflict check and provide a detailed Statement of Work (“SOW”) for each potential new matter and become a partner for the legal team to manage their data security and can help filter and analyze the data using review platforms, keyword searches, and date range filters in online review platforms to ultimately export of a subset of relevant data for the legal team’s use.

Court and Trial Services
Data Lock


ESI Protocol Creation
  • Our E-Discovery expert is very experienced in drafting customized ESI protocol stipulations for the parties to enter into. Our expert can review, edit, and recommend our clients if any revisions are necessary.
    Data Collection
  • We can image smartphones, desktop computers, laptops, and servers for one flat fee cost per device.


Data Processing
  • We can collect data to produce meaningful information relating to cases presented by our clients.
Data Hosting
  • We can process, filter, and host all case data through Relativity and assist with managed review.
Affidavits Testimony
  • Our E-discovery expert analyzing the data can provide testimonies and affidavits to verify the legitimacy of a claim.
Video editing software