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Court Reporting

Court Reporting is an essential process of the court system for countries all across the globe.  When looking at the United States, court reporters become certified in their respective states and then perform the duty of recording a legal proceeding and preparing an accurate transcript of same.  Court reporters are routinely used in court for hearings and trials, and for depositions and arbitrations.  When choosing Fortz Legal for your court reporting needs, you can be confident that our outstanding reputation is based on our clients’ feedback and from the individual standards our court reporters have met.  Our experienced court reporters also offer real-time, rough drafts, and expedite options.

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Across The Country

Fortz Legal goes above and beyond for coverage of all deposition matters. Click below or simply email us at [email protected] to secure our services for your next deposition.

Legal Video

Legal video is when a videographer video records a witness while they provide sworn testimony during a deposition.  Often times the video recording is ultimately going to be played for the judge and jury during a trial, and it can be more impactful to have a full video recording of the witness instead of just a written transcript of their testimony.  At Fortz Legal, we have some of the best-in-the-industry videographers and produce the video in a unique deliverable to aid with client convenience. All videos come standard synched with the transcript.

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Video Camera

Audio Transcription

Clients rely on Fortz Legal to transcribe audio recordings of meetings, phone calls, interviews, hearings, trial, and more!  Our experienced transcriptionists are ready to help with short, 1-minute long transcription jobs, or multi-week trials.  If expedites are needed, we can also implement artificial intelligence to help us meet any client deadline. Call us today to learn more!

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Conference Rooms

Our clients routinely have us secure conference rooms for depositions all around the country. Rural area? No problem. We have a large network of conference room locations and are happy to help secure one for your upcoming deposition or meeting.  Our clients put their trust in Fortz Legal to produce timely and accurate transcripts all across the country.