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At Fortz Legal, we take pride in staying on the cutting edge of new technological innovations. For video depositions, the industry standard for a long time has been to ship DVDs. We used to ship DVDs too, but nowadays many client’s are unable to play DVDs due to new computers being made without DVD drives. Additionally, DVDs do not allow for as much storage capacity when compared to other media storage solutions. It was obvious that shipping 5 DVDs for one 8 hour video deposition was not an efficient deliverable to send to a client. As we strive to make our client’s lives easier every day, we tested additional storage options and determined that the thin, sleek, custom flash drive shown below would be the most convenient video deliverable to use going forward.

Say goodbye to outdated DVDs and say hello to our new Video Deposition Deliverable!

Fortz Legal’s new Video Deliverable

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