At Fortz Legal, we pride ourselves on the cutting edge of new technological innovations. For video depositions, the industry standard has been to ship DVDs for a long time. We used to send DVDs too, but nowadays many clients cannot play DVDs due to new computers being made without DVD drives. Also, DVDs do not allow as much storage capacity as other media storage solutions. It is evident that shipping 5 DVDs for one 8-hour video deposition is not an efficient deliverable to send to a client. We tested additional storage options as we strive to make our clients’ lives easier every day.

Since 2008, DVD sales & usage have declined by more than 86%

DVD sales peaked at $16.3 billion, accounting for 64% of the US video market. It was 2005. DVD sales now accounted for less than 10% of overall market sales, which reached $2.2 billion in 2018. “What we’ve seen is that the digital market is very different from the physical market,” Michael Smith, professor of information technology and marketing at Heinz College and Tepper School of Business, said. “And when someone moves from the physical market to the digital market, they move across all platforms. Once they go digital, they don’t go back to DVD.” We determined that the thin, sleek, custom USB 3.0 flash drive is shown below. This will be the most convenient video deliverable method in the future.

Here are CFO Collin Ritsema’s thoughts on the shift away from DVDs:

“When I realized that the industry standard for delivering video depositions to clients was still on DVDs, I knew we had to focus on modernizing the process by utilizing the most up-to-date technology available.  It became clear that flash drives were the right solution – but not just any flash drive.  The thin size and sleek shape of Fortz Legal’s custom flash drives make it easy for any attorney to slide the flash drive into a case file folder.”

Say goodbye to outdated DVDs and say hello to our new Video Deposition Deliverable!

Fortz Legal’s new Video Deliverable

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