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While we all would prefer, when traveling, to be doing so for vacation, that usually isn’t the case. Typically, traveling for business has been a necessary part of ‘doing business’. Traveling for lawyers is no different. In today’s global economy, it is common for lawyers to cross state lines or even international waters.

One of the reasons lawyers travel is to conduct a deposition. While there is sometimes no substitute for being there in person, maybe, just maybe, you can be just as effective conducting that deposition remotely.

Some people love to travel for work. The chance to get away, to see a different part of the world, to break away from the daily office grind or to try a new restaurant. However, when you have to fly in, take a deposition and fly back out, all in the same day, four white walls look the same whether you are in San Francisco or Davenport, Iowa.

So why conduct your deposition remotely?

  1. Traveling is expensive. From driving to the airport, parking, renting a car, eating out, hotel, etc., it adds up quickly. Clients are cost sensitive more now than ever.
  2. You have options. You can conduct your depositions using video conferencing means or via telephone. The technology has improved, dramatically! There is now technology that allows you to conduct video depositions right from the comfort of your own office. Plus, you can even record the days testimony and have a video to review immediately following the deposition.
  3. Time traveling means being away from family and friends. With 3 young children myself, when at all possible, I’d rather stay home and be with them.
  4. You must weigh the importance of the witness. Like anything, not all witnesses are created equal. Some witnesses may have little to no impact on your case. Is that witness worth flying to?
  5. Not everyone has to travel. Perhaps only one attorney from your office travels while the other one tunes in via remote video.

Taking depositions is a necessary function of litigation and a very important piece of the discovery process. Unfortunately, not every witness is going to live in the same metro area that you live. While there are certainly valid reasons to go out in person to take that deposition, there are also lots of good reasons not to.

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