NFL Pigskin Pick'em 2022


We are excited to begin our fourth annual “NFL Pigskin Pick’em” at Fortz Legal Support!

We keep up this wonderful practice year after year to foster a sense of community outside of our typical work relationships. Fortz Legal welcomes involvement from all areas of the legal industry, whether you are an expert enthusiast or a casual observer.

Every participant will win big thanks to the wonderful gifts we personally selected for 18 weeks in a row.

All of these rewards are truly one-of-a-kind, so be sure to choose one every week to increase your chances of winning! Make your selections as soon as possible; it just takes a few minutes each week.

The link to get involved is in our Link-tree. The deadline for this week’s giveaway is 12:00 PM EST on 09/11/22. 🕛

Enter every week for your chance to win here —->

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